Carte Blanche

Blanche Robins: The only recorded Carte Blanche, hence her name. Her youth was spent going from Clan to Clan, trying to find a place to fit in, but never being welcomed even with her unique Skill. Founded the Yin-Yangs. Warm and kind, unless angry (which is usually due to Sylvain.

Carte Noire

Sylvain Robins: The last Carte Noire. Fought and killed the others in his Clan to prove his love for Blanche. Cares little for anything or anyone who is not his wife, the rest is considered threatening.

Yin-Yang Clan

Temps Robins: Yin-Yang Clan. Younger brother to Cherise, son to Blanche and Sylvain. Strong-willed and sarcastic, despite being haunted by his past. Telekinetic Skill.

Thomas Frankie: Older student at the Complex. Steady and calm, measuring his words often, he is intelligent and protective. Often looked at as a brute due to his metal Skill, which leads to his solid muscles.

Loup Sorne: Same age as Temps, he is fiercely  protective, especially of his little brother Requin.

Requin Sorne: Younger brother to Loup. Blind. Tracking Skill.

Technologist Clan

Ettienne Jrovin: Clan Master. Working on changing the Government systems. Takes initiative, not concerned how it affects others. Has a soft spot for Temps.

Lucien Cad: Former Yin-Yang Clan. Formerly Temps roommate. Lazy unless something needs to happen.

Medical Clan

Cherise Robins: Older Sister to Temps, daughter to Blanche and Sylvain. Quiet and intelligent, keen to impress those she admires.

Pion Lancer: Clan Leader, part of the Tech Master household. Acts like an older sister to Ettienne. No nonsense attitude and passionate about caring for people.

Policer Clan:

Ward Mavic: Past life Yin Yang. Works in Ettienne’s household. Loves working on cars and has a protective streak.


Aksa: Connected to Temps. Works with souls and protecting them on their way to the afterlife. Dour and annoyed in general.

Vin: A Spirit at the Gates. Charismatic and helpful