A fantasy based world, where magic, intrigue, and a ridiculous number of things can and do happen. Marquette began as a brain child in Sarah’s middle school days, and has grown and grown over the past decade or so, thanks to the help of her friend Jill. There are five generations, and even a little extra that you might consider the sixth. For now the stories are all short glimpses into the world. If there is a character or event that peaks the curiosity, then leave a comment here, and Sarah will see what story she can build from there.

Generation 2, in order of happening:

1222 Aderyn: Emris Leaves

1226 Raanan: Neal Overthrows Raymond

1227 Raanan: Cath Gets Gone

1228 Raanan: Isaac Lands on Raanan

1228 Raanan: Emris Meets Lavy

1228 Raanan: Dry Jot