A fantasy based world, where magic, intrigue, and a ridiculous number of things can and do happen. Marquette began as a brain child in Sarah’s middle school days, and has grown and grown over the past decade or so, thanks to the help of her friend Jill. There are five generations, and even a little extra that you might consider the sixth. For now the stories are all short glimpses into the world. If there is a character or event that peaks the curiosity, then leave a comment here, and Sarah will see what story she can build from there.

Generation 2:

Main Cast:

Catherine “Cath” Thompson: King of Thieves in the land of Raanan. Her noble childhood, father from Aderyn, and mercenary mother give her a strong foundation; which kept her strong when she found herself living on the streets.

Lavena “Lavy” Emphis/Virendra: Princess and telepathic mage of the Kingdom of Raanan. She escapes the castle often to train in medicine from the traveling Rom and other willing teachers. After the revolution settles she give up her crown to sail the seas.

Skye Thompson: Adopted by the Thompson family, she is a wing mage, who is the ideal of the nobles. She is graceful and kind, sometimes self-centered, but well-meaning. She is the reason the Prince Neal leads a revolution to dethrone his father and the old ways of Raanan.

Nealan “Neal” Emphis/Virendra: Prince of Raanan who leads a revolution to protect his sister and newfound love from harm. He leads with grim determination to make Raanan a safe haven for those in need.

Emris Gravels: Scholar on Hitori, he specializes in linguistics. After leaving Aderyn in search of a future better suited to him, he is hired by Captain Isaac to travel on the pirating merchant ship. He craves adventure, but mostly in his books.

Isaac Poisson: Captain of Hitori, the pirating merchant ship from Oki. He took on the mantle when his brother left the position empty to pursue other interests. As a teen Captain, Isaac was overlooked often, but that suited him. He commands his crew fairly and treats them as family.

Jot Collins: Second in Command to the Raanan King of Thieves, he grew up on the streets in the capitol of Raanan. He is clever and prefers to laugh instead of show most other emotions. He has no qualms about doing the rough jobs, and is efficient in his work.

Liam Brant: Raanian fire mage and mercenary, he grew up on the streets after his family was executed during a mage hunt. He cares not for others, simply profit. He trusts few and prefers to stay on his own. He is loyal to the King of Thieves alone, until he moves into the world of politics to become an advocate for his fellow mages.

Kin: An exiled troll from the mountains of Raanan, he lives in the capitol and manages a network of information. He is hard to find, but he has no trouble finding those he seeks. With a kind soul and an earnest life, he attracts the attention of the gods. He sacrifices anything to help others, even if they are unaware of his aid. He is loyal to himself, but supports the King of Thieves’ rule.


Generation 3:


Adelais “Adel” Gravels:

Dabria “Bria” Gravels:

Lerato “Rato” Farrell:


Generation 4:


Oria Farrell: