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Once in a while there are days that leave you angry and bewildered. For a while at work things had been strained between myself and another co-worker. I kept to myself, listened to podcasts and did damn fine work (I refuse to do otherwise). There is little space in our office, three desks lined up, a loud copy machine going most of the time. No windows. I sit at the middle desk. Lead on one side co-worker on my right. I could tell you a long list of the stuff that creeps me out about my co-worker. Nevertheless, a simple story today, then a question.

I got up, checking on my printing job, making sure there was still paper enough. I returned to my desk, and before I could sit my co-worker is yelling at me. At first I think it must have to do with the copy machine, as I was just using it. Alas, no. I was being verbally ambushed about something that I had never done, something my co-worker had imagined. I was rearranging jobs, so that I got the easy ones. That’s like stacking the deck of cards, but not knowing what the game is or what the suits mean. We also work in date order, so there’s not much wiggle room.

I wish I could say I kept my cool. I did not. It was short, and my message was clear. ‘How dare he accuse me of something that I couldn’t even care to do. Jobs are done, that’s the goal.’ Easy, difficult, doesn’t matter because we are a team.

Except we are not.


My lead did nothing. Looked at her phone. Texted. Talked to him when I was out of the room then waited for him to leave later to talk to me.

Told me not to tell our boss, because that would make me look like a bitch, or too whiny. Later, she said she’d call him. After work, when our co-worker wasn’t around.

Indeed? To say that I feel threatened by not only this, but how he has treated me for a while? My lead even said she knew this had become hostile. Yet nothing when the verbal assault was launched. My name is sneered like an insult from that man, and I feel unsafe.

My patience is thin and I’m not going to be idle.

My question to you is this: what do you recommend?

Please share any similar situations and how it was resolved (or not).


Sarah Z


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